How To Create Automation For A (cut Off) Knob On A Vst?


I’m new to Renoise. I’ve just begun playing around with automation (which I have used a lot in my “former” sequencer FL Studio).

I have inserted a small freeware VST that I’m using for bass. Now I want to automatize the cut off knob on this VST to go back and fourth. How do I do this? I can’t find the parameter when I go into Automation.


You need to use Automation Device for that:

Check out the Automation Manual page for how-to

have fun. :)

That page does not answer his question?

What you need to do is to add a automate device from the device list,
to the track on which you play the instrument.

Do this by clicking on the track DSPs and add a automate device from the list.

On the automate device, select your instrument. Then select the parameter you wish to automate.

Now you can select your parameter in the automation curves or record your automation to the track live.

Yes, it does answer if you dare to scroll down a little bit.

Thanks for the replies, both of you.

splajn: What you said worked perfectly. Thanks!!