How to create this base drum

I’d really like to use a BD like that in a song, but I don’t know how to create the sucker.
Anyone any ideas?

Here’s the link :

This plugin may be of use to you.

I’d try using a 909 or pitch bent sine wave and play around with layering distortion effects.

just made this, is it on the right track? The attack is wrong, but I think it’s a close substitute.

You can get pretty close to that just using a square wave, pitch envelope command, and some distortion.

Try something like this:


Add a cabinet simulator, and play around with the gain/eq settings a bit, since the pitch commands are tempo relative it will probably sound best around 175bpm and 8LPB.

That seems to work a bit, the BD needs a longer release though.

@Skolskoly : the file you created doesn’t exist anymore.

[edit] a longer release what am I saying, the square wave is a loop! :P
This Cabinet thing is mighty good, first time I’m using it.

Weird. Sorry, this should work: Clicky~

I’ve just made a similar sounding (distorted 808/909ish) BD using Overtune + a lot of nativeFX.
The nice thing about this approach is that you can define how much time the pitch decay will take, etc, without having to resort to solutions like 8+ LPB songs, or pattern commands, that change the sound of the drum as soon as you change BPM, etc.

Notice that the kickdrum part, inst 00, has 3 layers, shaped pitchbent sine (909 model), pitchbent squarewave (after suggestions), ‘bass’ sub layer transposed -24, and a decaying noise, ringmodulated with tri-wave, layer.

Hard but clean, I like it!
I can’t create clean-sounding but distorted sounds myself, it’s a mystery to me …

Cool, can I freely use it?

I managed to do this :

Yea that’s very true, the reason I like using the pattern commands though is so I can change up the pitch decay on every note for lots of different sound variations…your example is indeed more convenient though.

Of course you can!
Made another version where some FX are off, you can definitely hear a more clear version of the kick and then model some more yourself.

I had the same problem :D
In the example, it’s definitely two distinct sounds that are together though, like I tried to emulate in the download.

I’m starting to think that these BD’s mostly ARE 2 sounds played together.

At least 2! If you try to model it, you can even first try to get the bassline thing with the longer duration and the filter with high resonance moving… Then build the kickdrum with the short decay, sounds like a snaredrum might have been used.

Thanks, I’m trying stuff out and I’ll get there eventually.
(sorry for late reply)

heh, why does this remind me of a post i made on like 7 or 8 years ago: