How to detect if OSC server in Renoise is activated?

Is there a procedure to detect if the OSC server in Renoise is active or not? (regardless of protocol and port)

Renoise:Edit/Preferences/OSC “Enable Server” checkbox

The API to build tools, does not have at least one Boolean for this?

I know that the OSC is a “delicate” issue because of the security issue. But would it really hurt to have a boleano for this?

Some as this: renoise.Osc.is_enabled = true (or false)

No, you are right - this would be useful to have.

In those cases where I absolutely needed to determine if the server was enabled, I have used the following trick:

First, send an OSC message via /renoise/evaluate(lua string). In my case, I transmitted an “insignificant” statement that would toggle the mixer PRE/POST switch.
Next, I simply let my script wait to see if the parameter is switched within a given (short) time period. If the server is enabled, it should.

It ain’t pretty, but it has worked for me so far.

Would @taktik be willing to handle these kinds of requests?

I know that the forums are full of requests. But there are things that are really worth it.

The solution you propose to me is somewhat gimmicky. I suppose that at the end of the process you re-establish the original PRE-POST position in the mixer.

Thanks for the idea! At the moment I will not touch anything of my tools. I will limit myself to inform the user.

I am willing to make a small list of requests just for the API for the LUA tools that I really think would be worth it for a possible new version of Renoise. The list would not be long, but I need to know if you are willing to attend to it. We could discuss them in a forum made on purpose. Only serious and really necessary requests. There would not be many.

With all that I have managed to build so far, I think I have a reasonable idea of what is most needed. I guess you do too. But I do not know what plans you have to improve the API.

Other users who are very active here with the API, it seems that their most interesting requests are not addressed either. That is, they comment and no one responds. Are they only used to fill in the forums?

That’s what the API wishlist is for - I honestly don’t see a need to create a new one.
I have certainly taken notes from it, and you’re welcome to do the same.