How to display the triggered when not in sampler view?

Hello fellow renoise worshipers

Something i really miss on Renoise is displaying the note i’m pressing when i’m not in edit mode or instrument view. After several years of using trackers i’m definately not able to know by heart the keyboard / notes matches.
I believe it is not possible natively but do you have any trick, lua script, or lightweight third party solution to achieves this?

Thanks !

well, you could always detach the instrument editor and have it present in every view… kinda depends on how much screen real estate you have to work with
the instrument editor is resizeable, but only to a degree, I don’t think you can collapse it to just the keyboard, but maybe I’m wrong!

Thanks im on a laptop so kinda screen space limited. AFAIK the instrument gives only a visual feedack of notes on the piano. Not notes names ( C3, C#, D4 , … )

oh, yeah, just work on memorization, then, I’d say… :upside_down_face:
helps me to remember that V and R are both F’s
and that “,” and I are also C’s…

Does seem like it would be an easy tool for someone to script, tho…
Not me, but someone!

@ulneiz takes commission coding projects, I believe?
would be nice to have enharmonic spellings (Ab=G#), as well, if this tool ever gets made

Yup i have some landmarks and automatisms but it gets harder when dealing with chords :slight_smile:
Thanks for your advices , will think about ulneiz if Renoise 4 does not pop up soon :wink:

Hope I’m wrong, but don’t hold yr breath, bro :upside_down_face: