How To Do 'proper Shuffling'?

In the good ol’ FTII days I was using speed 4 - speed 2 - speed 4 etc (hmmm what was it again… F104 F102 F104?) a lot to shuffle tracks. I don’t think that would really work too well for what I want though, but I might be mistaken.

Nowadays I’m just placing notes a bit differently and using the delay column, which usually works out pretty well… Except when using delays set to ‘set line’ or whatever it is, and using lfo’s and so forth, they still go at a steady, nonshuffled pace.

So does anyone have any tips on how to make all of renoise and fx etc be shuffled?

The quickest / easiest way is to use Renoise’s built in groove settings, which can be found in the Song Settings tab:

thats what i use
its very flexible- i love it!

Have you thought about programming the beats in a 3/4 environment (pattern length 60 in hex, 96 in dec)? You could listen to a shuffle as a very fast 3/4 beat and approach it so when creating one. I prefer this technique because it allows more freedom with LFO’ing, you can take a peek in Jong Belegen demo song.


I hope some clever person will create a script for 2.6 where you could draw envelopes and have these automatically fill in the delay column. Would make much easier and flexible grooves per track possible!