How to do reverb graduation the right way?


I am currently trying to build a reverb room with 3 different layers, far, middle and near. For this I use one convolution reverb (concert hall with ~1 second reverb time) and three sends to it, each with different delays (using 100% wet delay effect). I also do eq-ing the layers in a different ways: the near one with most high cutoff, the middle a little less and so on…

But somehow it does not sound very deep. I listened to a lot of tracks that really sound so deep. I have no clue how to achieve this effect.

So what do you think or know, how can I add a lot of more depth to my mix?

Also I have the problem that nearly every snare reverb I try have problems when mixed to mono. Any ideas what is the best reverb for snare rooms? I tried waves, uhbik, ambience… waves doesn’t sound so good to me, uhbik has mono problems, ambience sounds like white noise.

Thanks for tips.

Here is the Synthwave / 80s test song:

Cool track, only listened on laptop so i can’t say how deep it sounds, but sounds good here anyway.
I don’t know how to achieve what you want though, but tell me when you find out. :P

You should post a track that has an example of what you want.

Hm, thanks, but there’s a lot not so good in this song imo :)/> Snare drum for example…

E.g. I listened to a lot of very nice tracks by Beatslaughter. I will look for some examples tomorrow.

Anyway here some nu reverb test snippets:

1st one w/ church impulse from here: “Crossfading” Impulse Responses

2nd one w/ normal concert hall impulse:

Which one sounds better to you?