How To Efficiently Handle Instrument Envelopes In Pattern Editor

sorry if this is a silly question,

here is a scenario -

for a specific instrument, i have created several different envelopes for various things, can i send a command in the pattern editor to tell the instrument envelope to either turn off or switch to another envelope preset that i’ve created, and if not, what is the most efficient way to handle this, do i render to sample for each pattern section? i did a quick renoise wiki search but didn’t find anything right away so i thought i’d try here


currently there is no way to handle different envelopes for the same instrument, other than creating multiple copies of the same instrument, each with a different envelope of course.

a completely new instrument structure is planned, and also an heritage from FastTracker2, the set evelope offset command (Lxx on FT2, if you know what I mean), is planned to be added in some next version.

I understand Renoise lacks on this side at the moment, but stay tuned on this frequencies as things will improve…

Envelope Preset switching is not possible from the pattern effect command.
You can affect note-off behavior and you can perform note ghosting (which means that playing a note without an instrument number behind it retriggers the instrument without retriggering the envelope).
To have your solution it is copying the instrument several times and apply the different envelope settings for each instrument and just simply change instruments in the pattern.
This makes the song larger, that is why we need some direct from disk streaming or some kind of central sample pool that can be linked to instruments rather than reserved to instruments.

okay, thanks for your replies!!