how to extract all samples from .it to .wav?

Hi, how do I go about using Renoise to save all samples inside, say, 40 .it files to .wav files?

edit: also retaining loops would be nice ;)

Loading the IT mods into Renoise one by one is hard to circumvent.
This tool however might help you out saving all samples in the it at once:

wow vV, i shall attempt this

ooh… it just saves as flac no matter if i choose flac or wav? what am i doing wrong?

Ok, I can confirm that there are some issues with the naming in this tool. It seems to retain previous module’s instrument-names and thus causes quite a bit of havoc. i’m going to have to try and only export a set of samples from a module per each restart of renoise.

No you are not doing anything wrong, this was a major flaw on my side.
(strange i didn’t noticed anyone reporting this to me earlier…)

Fixed it now, try V1.42 from the same page (or update from within Renoise when it is proposed)

ok, i can confirm that if i load a .xm, save all samples to folder x, then load another .xm, save all samples to folder y – the second save-all-samples will have the same filenames as the first save. (and yes, the .xm files have two completely different sets of names).

i will continue restarting renoise as per every save-all-samples.

p.s. is there some way of making “save all instruments to individual folders” tickbox (or something) to always remember that it is switched on, or off?

It will remember the setting throughout the Renoise session, but not after you have closed Renoise.
That would require an extra routine to save the options as preferences.
Not much work, but they will disappear when you update the tool so i’m not currently fond of that system.