How To Extract Wavs From Xrns Files?

Does anyone know how to extract WAV files from the XRNS Renoise song files. I’d like to do this so I can mess around with the samples in Audacity??

XRNS files can be opened with winrar. they contain standard WAV/AIFF/FLAC files

Thanks for that reply, I’ll give it a go,

Follow-up question:

Is there a way to avoid the different instruments getting their own folder?
It’s kind of a hassle to end up with 30 folders with one flac in each.

Ways to easily move these files from their current directory to a shared one, is greatly appreciated.

if you want to permanently modify an XRNS in a way that it will nomore contain filders, this is not possible, because then Renoise will not be able to read the file anymore.

if you simply want to extract the files in a single folder, winrar in the advanced tab has some options regarding relative paths which should not be extracted

Thanks, both of you.
Have no idea why I didn’t think of searching the sampledata folder. Guess Windows’ search function just hasn’t been kind to me (never seem to find what I’m after).

Another tip for xp users that wanna use the inbuilt windows zip compressor:

Open Explorer
Tools - Folder Options… - File Types
Press ‘New’
File Extention: xrns
Press Advanced
Associated File Type: Compressed (Zipped) Folder

Now you can rightclick .xrns files and choose Open with: choose ‘Compressed (Zipped) Folders’ to browse the song/instrument in a ‘windows way’.


  • Don’t delete all source files in a single instrument folder inside the xrns. Then the folder will disappear before you can paste back any replacement sample. So first copy/paste the replacement file into the folder before you delete the source file.
  • Also you can’t batch convert this way. Only one folder at a time.
    If you wanna batch all files at once you can cut/paste the ‘SampleData’ folder out of the archive, then batch convert, and cut/paste the folder back to the compressed xrns.