How to find unused DSP's in a song?

Do any of you know how to quickly find unused DSP’s in a song (never turned on throughout the song)? Maybe also delete them. Is there a tool for this?


Yes, a tool would be great, doing the following jobs:

  • 1a) Iterating over the whole song for on/off dsp automation, store the dsp/track numbers in a table ( because there is no indicator for on/off automation :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
  • 1b) Checking all dsps for being disabled, compare with above table. Store really unused in another table
  • 2a) checking all sends and multisends for used send channels, storing the sendchannel numbers into a table (including send to send)
  • 2b) Comparing actual send tracks with the table for finding completely unused send tracks. Store unused send tracks into table
  • 3a) API call for “remove unused instruments” - joke. Iterating over the whole song for used instrument numbers. store it into table.
  • 3b) Compare with actually used instruments. Store unused instrument numbers in a table.
  • 4a) Like that danoise tool. Search for unused sample data.
  • 5a) Display all unused in a table view GUI. Add “show” and “delete” on each line, plus a “remove all” below.
    -5b) Delete all those elements. Then remove unused instrument slots.

Or maybe it would be better to save the references instead track/position, unsure about deletion process. Maybe sort the unused table first, delete highest number first?

Yeah. Would be sweet. Wish I had the time to learn how to code.