How To Fix Line In With Kx-asio

Hi there,

after downloading and figuring out the beta2 ( which is amazing tbh ) i stucked at the line in thing.

The problem is, i cant get line in within the asio drivers of kx ( got a sb live platinum ).

If i switch to directsound everythings working fine, except of the huge delay.

But if i try it with the Asio driver, i cant get any sound in there, neither wave input.

I guess i have to do something with the DSP-Thing in the KX-Drivers but i dont have a clue how to fix it.

Someone could help me out ?



Renoise attempts to read the manufacturer names of the auxilary devices on the audio device driver. But if this area is not covered by the drivers, or not even being submitted that those devices exists, Renoise can’t fill in your auxilaries for you. This goes for your out-routing as well, are they working?
(check the mixer in the “out” row)

Soundblaster devices aren’t really designed to work with ASIO, even if the unofficial Kx drivers are better than the Creative’s original drivers, there is still no guarantee they work 100% well with audio-in devices.

I have made a picture of it, since i dont understand what u meant.

So far, everything seems ok with the Asio driver, i guess i must use the dsp routing table, but no clue with parameters to set :P

It works !!!

Thanks Bantai for the link :)