How to format posts?

(Raegae) #1

Before writing new forum posts the empty box says:
“Use Markdown, BBCode, or HTML to format.”

HTML i know a bit already but what does these BBCode and Markdown mean?
I am goin to search internet eventually but I am just curious if any of You can point the way or have any formatting knowledge to share. I mean general ways to make text colorful, aligning, adding links / images and so on.


BBcode you can add images with img /img and links with url /url inside square brackets

It would be cool to know how to resize images, put text monospaced like text editor in a box with a slider and also to be able to jump to a certain point in a video.

(sokoban) #3

This forum seems to accept 3 kind of markup languages:
(Remove the spaces from my examples below)

[ b ]BBCode[ /b ] . . . BBCode
< b >HTML< /b > . . . HTML
** Markdown ** . . . Markdown

And you have also the little buttons to help you!


Now If you remove the spaces inside brackets:

[ code ]10 print “hello world”;[ /code ]

Gives you monospace text with colored syntax:

10 print "hello world";

(ffx) #5

Can I also put a whole block into a codeblock view?


Ah, preformatted text is good enough.

(Raegae) #6

How about something like this???