How to gain stage in Renoise?

I couldn’t find any device that provides metering (Peak, VU, LUFS, whatever…) of the signal that’s coming from one device in the chain to the next, so it’s hard to tell whether the signal isn’t too hot or too weak. Even Gainer doesn’t have those, not to mention obvious things like swapping stereo channels, phase flip, adjusting width of stereo image which I find peculiar to say the least.

Am I missing something obvious here?

Do I really need to use a VST for that?

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Phase flip is available in gainer, swapping stereo channels only via workaround using delay device (wet only, no feedback, with 1ms latency, better use mutility), stereo width in stereo expander (simply increases side level). But there also is phase rotation in stereo expander and a slider in the channel input device (very 1st one). Yes, I agree a meter should be in any device, and a better one, too (with more constant peak meters, better resolution, some settings).

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Thanks for the tips!
I’ll check those devices up :slight_smile:
But it would be great to have a simple tool/utility device, like the one in Ableton for example: