How to get long notes

Hey there,

First: I’m really sorry because I’m sure this question already has been asked, but I cannot find it, so please fogive me :slight_smile:

I want to rebuild the song Jade Venus by David K. I’m looking for a way to get a long note, which will be hold all the time until OFF or somethin like that, but I just can’t find the function. I only work with the Samples…

Hope you can help me, many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

loop the sample (takes practice to get close to perfect), and don’t use modulation that will cut volume or close filter during hold state.

the autoseek sample feature will probably be very valuable for you - to trigger the note once, and have it playing wherever you start playback in song while editing stuff.

I started messing around, but never got to an example of ‘long notes’. Oh well, quick silly tiny variation :slight_smile: