How To Get More Control With A Midi-controller

Hi all,

it’s a pity that one can only map midi messages to track effects and mixer-parameters.
it would be so nice if there’s the possibility to map them also to track-mute (on/off), disable/enable trackeffects, and so on…
but i don’t want to crab, because renoise is awesome ;)
extended midi controller capabilities would be great for the next release…

So, does anyone know a vst which can transform midi messages to keystrokes, so one can “emulate” the keyboard shortcuts?

thanks for your ideas…


There’s Bome’s Midi Translator, but I don’t think it works with Renoise unless it was fixed in 1.8:

More midi capabilities ended up somewhere in the middle… pretty high up on the voting for future features… so maybe in the next version.

thanks, but i’ve just seen lots of forum posts that the midi translator doesn’t work with renoise because of the different keystroke handling in renoise ;(


yeah, being able to midi learn muting channels, sliding volume in the mixer etc etc with a midi-controller would be teh awesome, especially for live noodling.

hmm, but ‘sliding’ volume in the mixer with midi controller is possible and muting, too with additional gainer.

“hmm, but ‘sliding’ volume in the mixer with midi controller is possible and muting, too with additional gainer.”

you’re absolutely right, but I don’t want to add a gainer to have this functionality :) I want to visually see the X’es in the trackscopes when I’d mute the channel, see the sliders move.

Maybe more interesting then for simple things like trigger play, stop song/pattern, switch ‘repeat pattern’ on/off through midi, turn the knob on your controller to scroll through bpm tempo, set loop size etc etc etc salivating.

hello. my +2000 goes to SICK midi-support. EVERYTHING assignable to midi.

heeeell yea.

what is that +2000?
i don’t know what you’re talking about…

When another user thinks something is a good idea they post a “+1”.
HaveSome is a funny guy and took this a bit further.

i ordered one of those yamaha bc3 breath controllers last weekend, i havent gotten it yet but i’m getting excited with what i’ll be able to do with it! :D it supposedly is able to send quite a few messages. tho the way i’ll have it connected it may not be utilizing it’s full capabilities. i didnt need to buy the midi conversion box because i already have that taken care of when i bought one of the CME UF5’s. it has built in convertor for that. now i just cant decide if i should get the firewire audio expansion for it. the card is based on terratec phase 24.

setting one of the sliders to a standard midi button (on/off). would make it work like a charm.

but in order for it not to max out the db, you would have to set the offset relative to where you want the track level. which then provides a problem of not being able to change the level!

however if you can find your way past that, it works like a charm!

For that, better use 3rd party gainers and midi control ‘mute’ or ‘bypass’ buttons. Blue Cat Audio done free nice gain suite.

the 2nd part of my above post just became Obsolete! :D