How to get Surge 64-bit AU to display on 64-bit Renoise on macOS?

(esaruoho) #1

I’m wondering what I should do to get the Surge AudioUnit (Surge.component) to display in the Renoise plug-in loader. The VST2 displays a-ok, no worries there. Logic + ableton Live are able to stomach the Surge.component.

What can I check to figure out what’s going on?

(ffx) #2

Did you already checked the Renoise logfile? maybe it will give you a more precise info.

(boonier) #3

Are you on 10.13 High Sierra or greater?

Stick to VSTi if so, nothing wrong with that

(esaruoho) #4

what… why? is there some known thing that AudioUnits and Renoise are dead?

(boonier) #5

No nothing too dramatic! Apple changed the spec which basically means presets are not recalled when a song is saved and re-opened. It’s just safer to use VST (if you have the option), and there is no actual reason to favour AU really if you have a MAc.

(boonier) #6

check this out for the lowdown OSX 10.13: AU settings won't be saved/loaded?

All it needs is for Renoise to receive some updates, which will hopefully be soon