How to get Surge 64-bit AU to display on 64-bit Renoise on macOS?

I’m wondering what I should do to get the Surge AudioUnit (Surge.component) to display in the Renoise plug-in loader. The VST2 displays a-ok, no worries there. Logic + ableton Live are able to stomach the Surge.component.

What can I check to figure out what’s going on?

Did you already checked the Renoise logfile? maybe it will give you a more precise info.

Are you on 10.13 High Sierra or greater?

Stick to VSTi if so, nothing wrong with that

what… why? is there some known thing that AudioUnits and Renoise are dead?

No nothing too dramatic! Apple changed the spec which basically means presets are not recalled when a song is saved and re-opened. It’s just safer to use VST (if you have the option), and there is no actual reason to favour AU really if you have a MAc.

check this out for the lowdown OSX 10.13: AU settings won't be saved/loaded?

All it needs is for Renoise to receive some updates, which will hopefully be soon