How to get this sound?

Bleach is on my list of most hated animes for a number of reasons, but there’s this one sound in their OST that just fascinates me. The track is called On The Precipice of Defeat, and it’s a really strange sound that comes in at about 0:26 in.

Any idea on how this sound was created or how to get something really damn close to it? I’ve tried, but I can’t get the timbre right.

Sounds like heavily distorted electric guitar or square-saw synth. It’s detuned in some places, creating a feeling of dissonance. I can hear some glides and vibrato as well.
It means you should try to recreate this melody first. Take some clean yet rich sounding synth, write some notes, experiment with vibrato and glides.
Then add Cabinet Simulator device, tweak it. You can also want to use EQ or Filter.

A distorted guitar and a short echo on top of it and a filter to muffle it a bit to the background.

Cabinet Simulator is the key for this. And I think they’d just put some kind of randomization on the exact tuning in some way (sampler in renoise can do that, although I have still no idea how the frequency and amount translates to lines/beats resp. finetune/transpose units…)
a little demo of dsp chains that became too long and ugly. I only though of the random detuning at the end. So try and disable some fx, tweak some others, etc.
Also obviously the notes are incoherent and possibly off key. Nothing near the vid. DISCLAIMER the xrns is for education purposes :P.

And what about Aalto? ;)


+1 to sound coming from electric guitar

fx aside

when the player kind of "ping"s the string with the plectrum, the pitch goes into overtones …

a way to handle this efficiently could be two layers of samples,
one with the root sound and the other with the wheezing overtones …
and for example select playback by velocity between root note and wheezing (?)

PS: after that (or either process the samples beforehand) for the fx chain, some filter with some resonance and depending on the timbre of your sample, what the fore writers suggested, amp simulation, distortion and what have you :guitar: