How To Get Your Feature Request Implemented In Renoise, The Fast Way.

Find a developer that lives in bicycling distance.

Buy them beer or pot.

Tell them about your great idea while drinking/smoking, make references to the Lua API in your drunken stupor.

Keep biking over once every few days until you feature is done.

…or come up with an idea for a feature that can not already be solved with the existing 09xx-command…

can someone post the private data for all developers? if one of them lives in The Hague, Netherlands, i can get my request for a beatslicer implemented in a heartbeat. i’m pretty sure it can’t be done through the 09xx command. or this Lua stuff.

That may be tongue-in-cheek, however, I would actually do that…sounds like a fun idea actually…do any develpers live in london, don’t think so.

I missed my chance when I was in berlin this past august…didn’t realise how close it was, will defo go again…as long as my finances are ok when I go again will buy the developers a round.

Just in a spirit of gratitude and solidarity, not for the above reason…if a developer did live around here, thats another story! :)

you know theres a beatslicer tool right??

Not just renoise developers, just so you know, anyone who works in a text editor 8 hours could easily be coerced…


If you wouldn’t mind, would you explain? I am not code/programming savvy. My interpretation of text editor would be something that edits text, however, I am obviously mistaken, unless said text is a programming language… what language would they have to know, would they not have to know the renoise software?

I must be off the mark…as I don’t know, however, from my awareness you ARE programming savvy!

you’re kidding me. where? (i was not serious) :slight_smile:

They all live in my hood in silicon valley…

OK, i’ll give it a shot.

Probably more than half a year of work went into making Renoise 2.6, Geek Edition.

The main feature for this version is an API which allows coders to make their own features and hacks.

A professional programmer (also known as text editor jockey in industry parlance) will have no trouble using this API, but maybe they never used Renoise before, and probably doesn’t want to invest time into learning Lua because there’s no point.

In comes your average Renoise user, with “supplies”, “fun” and “social time.”


I live in biking distance of Tallinn, and Helsinki (if you don’t mind taking your bike on a boat.) I don’t like pot, but you can always bring me a beer if you want an extension. :)

But yeah, conner_bw is correct. Everyone who can code, can code a tool for Renoise. It’s just the motivation that matters.

Sample Slicer (real name: Beat Slicer):

Also try Drum Processor:

I don’t mind socializing with fellow Renoisers and then teach them Lua in trade for booze if that was the idea, but why don’t you then get to this point in your first mail?
The only problem is:Lua isn’t the answer to everything… Specially the most wanted realtime features are not present in abundance right now.

Because that wasn’t my point? Haha.

The first post is tongue in cheek. The point is “be creative in convincing someone to do it for you.”

The subtext is motivation can come in many different forms.

But yeah, Lua tutorials for beer for people who want to learn Lua is also great, Defats the point of “get it done fast” though.

it does show how extremely helpful everyone around here is… :slight_smile:

Meant to thank you for taking the time out to respond…THX:)