How To Go To Sample-Editor On "load Sample"?

Hi. I was just wondering, how would I set a screenset to change to a specific global view preset, when a sample has been loaded?

Maybe something with the Sample Buffer Observable, although that will also kick in if copying samples within Renoise and might annoy you with switching views when trying to do things in the Keyzone Editor, or playing with Tools such as ReSynth… Maybe end up being more annoying than useful, although you can obviously always disable it.

Having a quick look for what you could use and I’ve seen a couple of entries I’ve wanted. Not sure if they’re new or if I always missed them when looking before and nobody pointed them out :)

Well, maybe there’s a way of stating like this:

If Disk_Browser_Expanded==true and sample_buffer_observable_bla (change) then middle_frame=sample_editor.

something like this. so the observable fires only if diskbrowser is expanded.