How to group patterns in pattern editor?

Hey everyone,

Simple question: I’ve seen people do this in screenshots but cannot find the commands for it. I want to group patterns in the pattern editor together, i.e. “intro” “ambient section”, etc. so I can find stuff more easily. How is this done? Thanks!

To aid with this, you can also name each pattern. Click and drag the right edge of the Pattern Sequencer over to the right. This will expand it and reveal the name slots. Click on a slot and enter a name with the keyboard, finishing with “Enter” .

3.2 sequencer-names.png

Perfect, thank you. I’d still like to group them but this works too since I can just put stuff like “ambient section begins” as the name to mark the sections.

The little split button above the plus/minus buttons next to the pattern number puts a break above the current pattern, which you can add a title to. Is that what you mean?

Ala “Bring in the kick…” from the manual:

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I was just about to suggest that, so tried it out again and realized I can’t drag these split titles anymore, is there a new bug here? can you drag them around?

If you grab the pattern square where the header is, you can move/rearrange the whole section at once, but I don’t remember ever being able to move the headers themselves—the few times I’ve tried, anyway.

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This is exactly what I mean…no idea why I never clicked that button and further proof of my general stupidity. Thank you!

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Oh wow, so that’s how it works, I never fully used it, just thought it was a line you inserted and could move around… hmm interesting :smile:

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Not stupid at all, Renoise has got a lot of features tucked away in a purposely tight UI. It’s a lot to keep track of.

Glad I could help.