How To Handle Longer Samples In Renoise

I haven’t quite grasped using longer samples in RENOISE. How can I use some vocal tracks that are 30 seconds long? suggestions would be welcomed.

Thanks, James

What is it that you’re having trouble with?

Method One: I got working …

  1. I added a vocal track to track 1
  2. Pressed Edit Mode
  3. Hit the z key and a c-400 appeared.
  4. Adjusted pattern length in lines

Method 2: (how is ths done?)
If I want to have the 1 vocal sample span multiple pattern sequences? How is that done without slicing the sample smaller?

Thanks in advance, James

If you have a pattern that repeats, when you want it to play again you have to clone that pattern and remove the start of that long sample in the second pattern. You have to listen to the song from the point that the sample started in order to hear that sample continue into the next patterns. Since Renoise is not a timeline-based program, you will not hear the sample if you start playing the song at any point beyond when that c-400. The c-400 has to be started.

If you wanted to hear it later in the song than that, you would have to slice the sample.

If you want to start playing in the midst of a sample, you can use the 09xx pattern effect. It’s very simple to use if and only if the sample is of a length of exactly 1,2,4,8,16, or 32 bars. For example, if you have a 16-bar loop, the 0940 effect starts the sample at at the 4th bar.

If it’s not of a regular length like that… it’s probably easier to make another sample. It might even be worth it to force it to conform to that length. The sync recording mode is set up to make it easy to do.

Good point—it’s still kind-of slicing the sample (sort-of), but it’s sure an easier way to do it if the sample meets those requirements :D

Also, since of 2.1, you can use Rewire and do your long ass vocal stuff in other software to sync up with renoise continuously…

Still, I suspect hd streaming ‘audiotracks’ in a future update since it has been requested many times before!