How To Handle Nubiplus In Renoise?

hi! does anyone here use nubiplus? it’s an organ plugin with three possible inputs: midichannel 1 for the upper, 2 for the lower manual and 3 for the bass pedal. so far so good. the only problem is the pedal output uses a seperate stereo pair and i can’t seem to get it in renoise. :( any suggestions?

I don’t know the plug, maybe using a VST instrument alias helps, if not, wrapping it in the energyXT VSTi might be a solution.

You can read here about alias instruments (scroll down a bit):

damn! :o i totally forgot to reply back then! so: thank you for you tips, beatslaughter! :) using alias-instruments didn’t help and i didn’t check out energyxt to avoid being tempted to spend some more money. ;)
in the end i used the pedal sound from zr3 along with nubi+, which imho is an excellent combination.