How To Identify A Forum Spammer

How to identify:

Posts: 1, or near 1.

Joined: A few minutes ago, or within the last month. You can see this to the left, under the user name.

The content of the post contains no useful information about Renoise, or generic information like “I like this too!”, but always a URL to some potentially criminal website like “make money fast”, “weight loss” or “dvd sales”. Either in the text, or on the sig.

How can you help us:

Click the username, go to their profile, in the upper right is a button “Report User.” Use it.

Pitch in to win. Garbage in, garbage out.

i checked your data, but it seems you are not a spammer.

I like this too!

I just tried to report a very dangerous spammer but realized that the button is not there on my own profile. :D

You are a persistent spammer… 8168 POSTS!?

I’m just a spanner.

Is he? :rolleyes:

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Your warning level has been increased due to bad joke.

Also: Der Player konnte nicht initialisiert werden. Bitte wenden Sie sich an den Support.

Sorry :rolleyes:

I have increased my own warning level for even worse joke.

I lost more than 500£ with these fantastic pills. Also, my penis is still as large as ever

Actually that is a great joke… Enlarge your penis one inch by flattening your tummy (You can just see one inch more from above :P)

still trying to figure out who of you are spamming, and who are not.

try with a captcha post, if you dare challenging us


Sorry, couldn’t resist… :blush:

way too easy, regardless of the strange images surrounding the word: reward.

this could help :badteeth:

The problem is, most bots are better in that than most human.