How To Insert A Brand New Send Track

Yo chaps, im working on a track at the moment ( with the previous version of renoise, 2.0 i think) and for some reason i accidently deleted my send track, how do i insert a new one?

stand on the master track and do “insert new track”.

from the manual:

“If the currently selected track is a Sequencer Track, then a new Sequencer Track will be added to the right of it. If the currently selected track is a Send Track or the Master Track, then another Send Track will be added.”

shortcut tip: place the cursor on the master track or on a send track and press LCTRL+T

the only problem is that i dont have any send tracks in the song to duplicate, as i must have accidently deleted them when i was cleaning up unused tracks…

That’s why he said put it on the MASTER track. Creating a new track from Master or anything to the right of it (IE a Send) will create a Send, creating new track from anything left of the Master (IE a normal track) will create a new, normal track.

Ah, ok i see now, thanks guys. Don’t you think that having an option to insert different types of tracks under the “insert track” tab would make things a lot simpler though?