How To Insert And External Effect (Guitar Pedal)

how do I use an external guitar pedal on a single track? can whatever sample/instrument be mixed down to mono before reaching the external effect?

i’m using an echo audiofire2

about your first question, I don’t own a guitar pedal so I can’t reply.

about your other question, you should add a Stereo Expander DSP to the (send-)track(s) where the instrument you want to convert to mono will be played and set the “Expand” parameter slider to full left (mono)

About external FX:

At the bottom of a mixer strip (or the "Routing setting in “Track DSP tab”) you can set the external routing for a channel.
This will route the signal to one of your soundcard outputs.
Add a Line-In device To return the signal back into Renoise.
To avoid nasty feedback you must not set the Line-In device on the same track that you route to external fx unit.

I personally set up external fx on send channels. Then I use a send device to send a signal to send channel (where signal will be routed to external fx), then add a Line-in device behind the send device:

 Track1 | Send Track 1  
[Send Device] | [Stereo Expander]  
[Line-In] |  
 to Master | [to soundcard ouput]   

Thanks this worked. I did also have to adjust my soundcard’s software mixer as well

ok. So I got all that working within renoise. Now here’s another question: how do I render this effect properly? even with “real time” mode it won’t render this effect well (but everything else is fine)

With outboard gear I always recorded directly into the sampler. It is pure audio at that point, anyway. Always have to cut it a bit here and there, but it sounds pretty much exactly like what is going into the sound card. I’ve never thought about another way to do it. Did i misunderstand your question?

so what i have going on is a VST synth running through a particular guitar pedal. my problem is that it sounds great running the song in renoise, but when rendering the track even with realtime mode it doesn’t come through. if there is a way to sample the pedal and maybe even the rest of its DSP chain, that would probably help.

Realtime rendering mode doesn’t work on external sources because Renoise is calculating processing buffers and either waits for a buffer to complete if all CPU resources are done or keeps processing realtime if it has the resources. Your external audio gear however does not know that Renoise is waiting for buffers to be cleared before continuing and thus your effect processor keeps processing the signal even if there is no signal (or only the sustain of its own processed output)

The only way to do this is just by recording the outputted sequence from your guitar pedal, back into Renoise (simply freezing) by pluging your pedan output into your soundcard input and use this input in the sampler. Then mix your recorded sample into Renoise in a separate track and mute your original track. Then render your project using that sample. You can play your song and record the output back into the sampler without too much problems, it just depends on how much your cpu is capable of handling everything realtime.
The last problem can be easily circumvented by simply only recording the track(s) that you wanted bounced to a sample.