How to insert new sample without using mouse?

I cannot seem to insert a new sample in an instrument with the keyboard.

There’s a global “Load Sample” key binding that you could use:

Keys > Global > Instruments > Load Sample  

There’s also a similar key binding for the Sample Editor (when it’s visible). Just search “load sample” in the key prefs.

If you want to add more samples to the instrument, then you’ll need to give keyboard focus to the instrument’s sample list, then hit Insert to add a new empty slot, then use your load sample key binding to replace that sample slot.

Thanks for the answer. I could not find it since the popup says insert and not load. You might want to make that more consistent.

Sorry for coming back to this so late.

This is actually not at all doing what I had in mind. Your suggestion opens a second (floating) disk browser, which entirely ignores, at which location I was in the real disk browser! I don’t know if this is a bug or not.

What I want is very very basic: Instead of hitting “Return” to load the sample as instrument, I want to hit another key, so that the sample gets appended to the current instrument.How else can you quickly layer drums?