How To Install 2.7 Beta W/Out Overwriting 2.61?

Happy user of 2.61 but want to try the 2,7 - am using Win7Pro - but don’t want to upset the 2.6 installation - when I do a std install it says “a folder called Renoise already exists - install into that folder?”

I am guessing it is safe - but when I played with 2.7b1 it caused me a few probs and I had to reinstall 2.6 - not a biggie.

Thanks for reading (was not sure where to post this!)


during the installation process, you are asked where to install Renoise, so just choose a different folder.

I have renoise 2.6 installed into Program Files \ Renoise 2.6 and version 2.7 into Program Files \ Renoise 2,7

the beta installed to C:\Program Files\Renoise 2.7.0\ by default for me

Hey thanks for that - it worked and I am happy!

I was just being over cautious!


I’m always keeping different renoise versions installations. therefore I always install in this manner:

c:\program files\renoise\2.6.1
c:\program files\renoise\2.7.0

i’m still having all installs since 1.5