How To Install Midiconvert In Linux

According to, in order to install this plugin:

“Installation: Drop the Tool File (.xrnx) on a Renoise window.”

Not sure which .xrnx it means. The file MidiConvert_061.bin is in fact a ZIP file which includes these files:

  • Midi.lua
  • ProcessSlicer.lua
  • export.lua
  • import.lua
  • main.lua
  • manifest.xml
  • toolbox.lua

I hope I can copy this directory within /usr/local/share/renoise-2.7.2/ (Linux) but not sure where.

So the question is: how to install MidiConvert in Renoise running on Linux?
Thanks a lot.

It should be MidiConvert_061.xrns where did you get .bin from?

I think sometimes linux will rename extensions if it thinks it recognising them maybe?.. Basically a .xrns is a .zip renamed and it should contain at a minimum a main.lua and manifest,xml. These files you do see above.

Basically it should be saved as an xrns and that file dragged and dropped onto the main Renoise window.

yep, sounds like you lost the link of the extension with Renoise, have the same thing here atm on windows because I un-installed 2.7.2. Uninstalling removes all linkage, maybe you’ve also uninstalled 2.7.2, while having 2.8 still on the harddisk?

A uninstall-re-install of 2.8 should fix it.

You are 100% right. My Linux KDE desktop was renaming (when download) the file with .bin extension rather than .xnrs, so dragging to the Renoise window didn’t work. After renaming it to .xnrs it’s properly installed. Thanks a lot!