how to install the instruments/samples from the free sample pack for v

Hello to everyone,

I’m completely new to Renoise. I just downloaded my registered copy just a few days ago, along with the free sample pack. I’m just a bit confused about something. I come from a logic/ableton background. Some of the content in the sample pack are instruments and some are just samples. How and where (what directories) do I install the instruments and samples? I’m no stranger to doing this in logic and ableton, but I seem to be somewhat confused for some reason, on how to do this in Renoise. I’m thinking it’s because I just started working with Renoise a few days ago, and I’m really just starting to learn it. I’ve read the section in the manual on the disk browser, but I’m still stumped. I’m presuming that the answer to my question is probably something so obvious, that I’m just not seeing or realizing it because I’m so new to Renoise. Any help and/or instructions on how to do this, would be deeply appreciated. Also, thanks to everyone involved in creating such an amazingly interesting, and creative inspiring program, Renoise!

There’s no special location that you need to use. You’re free to put the instruments/samples anywhere you want to. It could be on your desktop, in your home folder, on your external drive, or wherever. Just put them anywhere that’s comfortable for you. (The exception being Renoise’s program folder — we strongly recommend against using that to store any custom files)

When you’re using the disk browser in Renoise, you simply have to navigate to your chosen folder and then double-click the files (or drag-and-drop into Renoise) to load them.

Each category in the disk browser (Songs, Instruments, Samples, Other) has four numbered preset buttons that you can use to store custom locations, then recall them at the push of a button. Once you’ve chosen the desired category and have navigated to the appropriate folder on your computer, you can right-click a preset button to save your current location, or left-click to recall a saved location.

Thank you for the quick response! That makes sense, considering I have done this with other sample libraries from Zero-G, etc… and loaded them into Kontakt. And those folders are just arbitrarily sitting on my desktop.

Thanks again for your help.