How To Judge Clipping In The Track Scopes?

Sometimes I’ll be using the Compressor with Post Gain, and it will look like it isn’t clipping through the track scopes, and then you click “Process Track FX” in the sample editor and see a fair bit of clipping going on. It seems to take extreme clipping for it to be visible through the scopes.

Is there some other way of judging clipping in a single track? It would be very useful in judging the amount of post gain to apply with the compressor.

Thanks for the suggestions man, will check out the link. :)

thanks for the link much apprieciated :)

i did notice that it seems like its off by a second or 2 is this common?
still very good/usefull vst

I just realised that Renoise does have something which does what I want. :)

Put compressor on the Master track. Turn on Autoadjust Master Volume (the icon next to the main volume slider). Turn volume up to max. Adjust the compressor settings. Press play in the sample editor. If it’s clipping, the autoadjust will kick in, and you’ll know that the compressor settings you have are going to clip. Adjust them until they don’t.

Note that you can’t apply FX to the sample from the master track…so instead, make a compressor in another track, then right click on the compressor in the master track which has the settings you want, select “Copy parameter settings” and then go back to the non-master track compressor and choose “Paste parameter settings”. Then go back to the sample editor and click the “FX” button.

This should result in a compressed sample without clipping.