How To Listen To Samples Before Selecting

I’ve been tracking with IT for quite many years because I simply haven’t discovered a faster and easier way to make tracks. Now I found Renoise and think it definetily has potential to be the best tracker ever.

One thing bothers me though: I cant hear a preview of the samples as I scroll them in the DiskOp sample browser. I have both of the headphone-buttons activated, but the only way I hear the sample is when i load it to my sample bank with the right mouse button. I liked wery much in IT its easy way to pick samples, you just pressed f3 and then enter in an empty spot and scrolled trough your sample directories listening to the samples by hitting keyboard buttons. It was very fast and simple and you would make me the happiest tracker on earth if you could make as easy in Renoise. Its a very good thing that you can use ctrl+alt keys to navigate in sample directories, but is there any way of hearing the samples without clicking the mouse??

If anyone could help i would be very grateful!

I move this thread to Tips & tricks because I think that ImpulseTracker’s users will find this very useful.

  1. activate the headphones button to enable previewing

  2. use LeftCTRL + Left ALT + up/down arrows to browse trhough files.

  3. use LeftCTRL + Left ALT + Enter to load a sample. This will also let you listen to the smaple preview.

I’m sorry to be the nagging type, but he stated that he could ONLY hear the samples if he loads them. He would like to hear them without having to load the samples into his track all the time. Just listen to them.

And, well,… I’m having the same annoyances :D

I’m also an ex-IT-user. And to listen to the samples without loading them in is really comfortable.

But… like him, I can’t listen to samples without loading them into the track first… :confused:

yep, we had this pre-listen in some earlier versions, and I really want that back. please !

We never had this prelisten thing. Samples where always loaded and then played automatically when preloaded. But yes, this is a planned feature.
On the other hand : Samples are streamed while loading, so they are played immediatly and therefore this is not that problematic. IMHO (I`m not the center of the universe).

we did not have this ? uhm, really ? maybe I should stop doing dope.

anyway, the reason why I want a preview feature is (as I told numerous times before) that sometimes I have a snare I dont really like and then I try to find another snare and then I click through my snare-dir and when I cant find any other good snare and want to get back to the snare I had in the first place, I get stuck sometimes because I cant remember which one it was (I have some 500+ snares in one dir, all with strange filenames).
and thats only one reason, it goes on with samples which have new looppoints set and so on and so on.

its kinda like a must-have anyway, every program I know which deals with samples has this, and they have it for a reason. :D

Previewing samples is already implemented for 1.3.