How to load/save TAL-Elek7ro presets in Renoise?

Lukas Lundh has made some neat 80s patches that I’d like to use. I just can’t figure out how to load a preset from a file – there’s just the pulldown menu to select from built-in patches.

Also, how do you save a preset?

I have the same problem with TAL-Bassline and TAL-U-No-62.

Nevermind. The relevant buttons were in the plugin tab all along.

Yes, obviously it’s not possible to load/save presets within this plugin, not even the manual contains some information about loading and saving presets. So you have to do it via Renoise, and as you mentioned you can do it in the plugin tab below the currently loaded preset:
It’s the same in terms of the other TAL plugins. Pretty weird.