How To Make A Cool Beat In As Little As 30 Seconds

  1. Get Renoise 2.6. If you aren’t a registered user and it’s still in beta, you have to wait. :P
  2. Find a good break with short hits.
  3. Get this plugin and this plugin. [XRNX]
  4. Make this pattern with the drumprocessor:
  5. Use the note randomizer on the outcome.
    5 1/2. (Optional) Use ReSlide.
  6. Boast about it.

then use the note randomizer on a full songs with lots of individual percussion hits! seriously, try it, the more short percussion hits the song has the better :D

I’m probably using the tool wrong, but am not getting good results out of it at the moment. Like Johan replied, this plugin should be used now in combination with the note randomizer and using small hits for it to truly shine.

Using it on a 1 bar beat loop for example , processing re-juggles the starting note across the track together with pattern-commands and sounds lame more often then not imo :slight_smile: . For me it would make more sense if this tool would leave the pattern note data alone and just generate the pattern-commands, already asked for this in the tool-page and is on the to-do list.

Here’s a friendly (honestly!) tip to make life easier on your fellow forum users…

In the future, don’t use a crappy file host like 4shared which requires me to enable both cookies and javascript just to get past the front page, and then also wait 20 seconds just to get to download the file itself. Also, try to use a more common and web friendly image file format such as .JPG (better for photos) or .PNG (better for vector graphics and screenshots of applications), instead of .TIFF which is not commonly used for web purposes and doesn’t even load inside most web browsers such as Firefox or Chrome.

Save as .JPG or .PNG, then upload to a popular free image hosting site such as ImageShack, which will provide you with a very simple image link that you can embed right here in the forum itself, like so:



i agree with Dblue,that filehost craps all over the place.

it would be cool if the drumprocessor didnt move the notes around though

then complain to the author, I didn’t make it.

well it wasent a complain,just a thought,but yeah your little tip make excellent results

EDIT:also try to use reslide afterwards for some nice effects

Or use Jing! It’s free!

I like Skitch.