How To Make A Dubstep Wobble Bass In Renoise (Vid)

Hey fellow RENOISERS,

I noticed a void on a quick and easy way to get the wobble in Renoise, most of the suggestions involve too many steps so I made a quick vid on one of many techniques to get the wobble in renoise. Check it out!

This is my first tutorial for Renoise so if I’m ranting it’s because I’m hopped up on Goji berries and wobble-making.

this is actually really good,nice job

great tut man, I already sub and commented, keep em coming!


Top notch ;)


I think there’s a fair few descriptions/xrns that employ same method in here Dubstep Bass Synth

Is this not what most of us do?

I’ll dedicate a separate post to this but just finished up a new tutorial on “How to make a Dubstep beat in Renoise.”

Thanks for the kind words! Enjoy!

((btw,…I think its easier to control the amount of frequency by using the specific effect code in the pattern editor to have it displayed very near to your played note. Instead of using the grafical automation))

The reasoning behind using automation for this is because the pattern commands can only use 256 locations.
With automation you can achieve 4.00000 and 2.00000, with pattern commands it’s akin to 4.1 or 2.07.

However it is possible to use the pattern commands with the right meta-device chain.

A way of getting whole or equally divisible numbers for an lfo frequency is by using hydras, can use multiple hydras with lfos controlling them and then just turn them on and off with pattern commands.

Would use a square wave lfo(synced) to hydra(min 1, max 4) to lfo(synced) with a sine, then to Filter frequency.
Using this method you can connect more square wave synced lfo’s to the hydras min and max values for the output.
turning these synced lfos on and off, on beat will get spot on results.

would you care to post a exsample file??

something like this

at least a few of different ways to do this, this one sounded best for this.

If you like it, make a full song and upload the output!

thanks will check it out

If I did it again, I would pre-compose the tune and write down what I was going to do before recording; basically make the loop beforehand then reverse engineer to teach it referring to what I did. That is work and not fun. The fun is teaching someone who has no idea how to begin to think about this stuff. I for instance would never open iTunes and tap out a tempo to what is playing yet I do in the toot, also I would never place snares in the wrong spots while building other parts and fixing them later. They would get fixed straight away. You know and I know there’s a million ways to skin a renoise cat. I also could of have made a more ear-friendly tune, again going back to my “getting it done” point. These toots are stress relievers although im learning every morning, with around 10 obscene dissing and neg comment bordering on dubstep death threats for teaching that the crowd is rough.

I didn’t realize how passionate certain kids were and how much fun this would turn out not being. In one over the top email a known dubstep producer who is actually gigging in the UK with a loyal fanbase sent me numerous dissing type comments followed by a 3 page long email on why I should quit, what is wrong with tutorial and why I should not be teaching. At first it was interesting but it’s gotten old quick and my next tutorial might be totally different. One thing about “old ravers” vs what’s become of electronica scene is the genre splitting has created serious candidates for totalitarian dictatorships, ie DubStepistan or something similar.

I actually stumbled into into some of the hate train threads aimed at you. I’m guessing there’s some other issues going on that I’m not aware of, like you slept with someone’s girlfriend, or you send demo tapes out to labels with horse porn as jokes that no one understands, or whatever… Your “slept with your mom” trolling is a bit over the top to be honest. But yeah, it seemed a bit ridiculous.

I was into your tunes. Nothing incredible obviously, but as learning material, why not. I seen Skream play in an empty bar, Shackleton play at a hot dog BBQ… back when dubestep hadn’t yet been exported out of the DMZ and the first North American tours were lacklustre. All to say that I at least know something about the style. I think what’s going on is basically a repeat of jungle D&B; but instead of taking 15 years to turn into sausage parties and nerds with drug problems posturing as jocks, it took 5. And instead of being a huge cultural phenomena, it wasn’t.

Anyway, don’t give up. I guess if you do tutorials, do em in a style that isn’t a humourless contemporary suburban chav scene with “crews”.

Yes, I’m an old man. Easy to guess with the words “demo tape” in my first sentence, no?

You guys, seriously. Don’t judge a style based on what happens with it on your side of the pond. :P

8bit, the hate you get is proof you’re doing an excellent job. Some “producers” either think making music in certain genres/styles is a magic ninja trick that should be kept a secret, or think there is only ONE way to do things and that’s THEIR way. Fuck them. Fuck them right up their LFO’s. :)

I’m not judging the style. I love the style, especially those who experiment. I’m commenting on the scene. But yeah, bitter old man up in here.

Oh, when referring to style, I thought you were referring to the scene, which makes up the style… what’s in a word anyway… But yeah, I think what you mentioned happens in EVERY scene, it’s just the way people are in the end. With internet it just spreads faster? I dunno. I don’t think you’re bitter, maybe just disappointed that people will always be people?

Rereading my post, I can see how I poorly chose my words. I was trying to show how I am into the style and went out of my way to support it at the beginnings (well, outside of the UK, anyway). My comment was then supposed to lead in an observation that it is turning into brats and chavs hating on each other for not being legitimate enough.

Yes, I agree. This happens with every scene.