How To Make A Kick Drum Using Renoise

i also added a little loop and some plucks for the sake of it!

here is the xnrs file! hope this come to some use to you!

nice (=

someone should make a compo where people can only use their own hand drawn samples xD probably been done but it sounds like fun.

haha yeah! ;)


ahhh that`s exacly my cup of tee, count me in :D

but please do not start before the next month as i´m on vacation soon ;)

its no line input all made with hand drawn samples etc etc
is anyone else having this problem? it could be because of the size… i dont think so though. if other people have this problem then i will use somewhere else :)

Wow, this sounds… so… fffucking nice! :walkman:

Really man, props! There is somewhere a thread in which someone made a whole drumkit by just creating sinewaves and fading them in and out. That was pretty great to :w00t:

right, got a site you want me to up it to?