How To Make A Marching Drum Roll

Well, I’ve been trying to figure it out, but what I get is some crappy bunch of farts, so maybe you could help me to understand the pattern.

Here are some tracks with the kind of rolls im looking for:

There was only one way to achieve these things in a tracker in the past.
There are at least two methods that you can try in Renoise:
1: You can either try using a retrig command and apply a reverb DSP
2: Hit the snare sample using multiple notes on the same row, divided by a delay-offset value (either with or without reverb and either with or without note-cut and perhaps using the sample offset command)

Cool tracks!

why not just program the snares/beats on higher bpm/lbp settings? A lot of repetition in this kind of drum & bass, doesn’t sound like a lot of work structure or variation wise once you’ve got the main patterns right.

If you don’t like working on higher bpm/lbp combo’s continuously, you could render to sample some snare roll, beat sections in another project or something where you do use a fast setting, first save, then load these exported samples back in your low res working project for better oversight, if that is the problem :).

What I like doing myself is instead of using small hits all the time for beats, is creating loops out of programmed hits by render to selection, then by adding different loop settings synced to the beat, creating a lot of variations. You can also apply ‘fx’ in the sample editor to the different hits in the looped beat parts for bonus points B) .

What I tried doing was adding a delay - this makes it possible to make offbeat drums, but still it may cause some variations in the sounds.

I remember hearing something like that in a module back in about 1991:ish. Granted it is a while ago and my memory could have been clouded over the years, but I remember it sounding quite good at the time.

I will look around and see if I can find it again. Maybe it can help a bit since it was most definitely made without any DSP:s. :)

I’ve achieved some similar effects by playing around with a high lpb, Ex command, and using the volume values to achieve a faux velocity.

that sounds like the sd2. ;) imo, the best snare rolls, flam and ruffs articulation.

i dont think that is possible in renoise without building a drumset by hand (layering drums).
also check the nna actions because the snare(s) has to fade into the next following one.
even the ability to import/convert sf2 files would make that easier.

simple: try to use a drum fill (sample) and trigger via sampleoffset (09xx) 2 different snare hits with in-, or de- creasing volume/velocity.

EDIT: okay, that doesnt count for current value’s stuff. just find a bleeding snare and retrigger it to death…

Try playing with this Lua script to get triplet rolls?

Awesome tracks/Bronson picture.

Did you ever have any luck with snare rolls?

I wanna know too :P
here’s a tool that might help.

Wouldn’t you just almost have to record/find real snare roll samples to do it like in the youtube links? The snares sound way too expressive to be done with a one shot, you’d in the very least need a really good set of multisamples.

BTW if anyone needs some good drum samples look up Drumica. Free kontakt drum samples, extremely good. Unbelievable to me that it is free.

nice snipe!

Multisampled snare.
Volume column.
0Sxx (sample offset) effect.

Multi notecolumn with minor delay values (or an insane LPB with NNA set to continue)

Velocity triggers a Hydra, which triggers then

  • several EQ bands to alter the snare sound
  • the Reset of 2 independend LFOs, setting random delay
    times on left and right channels of a simple delay device

Multitap just added for a bit fatter sound.

2 mono samples used: 1 snare roll, 1 single snare

Download: Living Snares XRNS (See link below for a more recent version.)


Edit: LOL, I listened to the reference tracks again and realized, I had them totally different in mind, from listening about 2 weeks ago. Hope this setup is useful to anyone anyway. Though, will get back to the reference sound with some other setup soon. :)

Update: First of all an info, what this setup does. It adds dynamic change of the snare colour, dependend on the velocity and additionally makes a single snare sample sound like played by a group of snares. Actually a fail post in this thread, but well, now it’s up here. :ph34r:

Updated the file to make the effect more obvious. New Download: Living Snares 2 XRNS

Well, fiddling with this a few minutes, I guess the most simple solution for those rolls is the Repeater on the snare track. With an EQ and/or a Gainer behind the Repeater you can still alter the sound during the roll. Pretty easy to do, so I guess it’s not necessary to put an example of this up.

Controlling the Repeater through Automation instead from within the Pattern, you even don’t have to care about your LPB and can still achieve pretty fast changes on the drum rolls, even with a LPB = 4 setting.

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