New Tool (2.8): Note Repeat

Note Repeat tool comes with two new keyboard shortcuts: one to make (extend with silence / cut) any sample to the length of a certain amount of lines, and one to make a new instrument from a sample, where you can play “MPC style” note repeat (almost) with the white keys on a midi keyboard (or pc keyboard of course)

Please let me know if this works as expected everywhere, maybe bugs or things that are not too obvious…
a new instrument is made with the option “New Note Repeat Instrument from Sample” (I have it on Shift+R, note that the shortcuts only work in Sample Editor)
the mappings for it range over the white keys from C-3 to C-5
the repeats on those keys go like ‘even, dotted, triplet’
of course if you change the tempo of the song later on, it’s fucked
nonetheless it’s fun for playing stuff live, maybe jamming beats together quickly, make fun hihat sequences you know the drizzle.

the download link for the newest versions, of all my tools, packaged, is from now on the following:
so this is the link for Note Repeat. Won’t be updating forum posts with newer versions and such no more…
also: please let me know if you can’t reach the dropbox folder.

What does the first number in your tool stand for and what does the second number box stand for? The boxes aren’t named and when I hover the mouse over them, no description is given. At first I didn’t know how to generate anything, eventually figured out you have to press enter with the tool gui open, some silence was generated and loop points added.

Running through the notes on the keyboard it transposes the sampled instrument like normal, I don’t notice anything different in between the mappings c-3 - c-5, no dotted, triplets etc. Maybe I’ve set something up wrong in the gui or it isn’t working.

Well yes, you have done something wrong, you didn’t read my unintelligible explanation twice ;). So you’ve used the keyboard shortcut with the ellipsis at the end (three dots …), the one with a GUI. That’s my first part of the tool, kind of a test/miscellaneous feature. It creates one new sample from selected (drum) sample, at the length of exactly LPB lines, aka one beat. That’s if you leave it at the default. The whole GUI again (like many of the tools I make) are 100% keyboard controllable, use arrow keys to change the first value. pgup/pgdn to change the second box, which is the “transpose”, aka the difference of the root note of the sample where you wanna play it if it’s not C-4. That doesn’t actually work at the moment, so only C-4 notes are really ‘synced’ to the beat.
So now I’ve explained that part, if you like, please try the other keyboard shortcut, “New Note Repeat Instrument from Sample”, on any sample. Snares, Hihats work nice.