How to make ctrl z return to previous note

When I press ctrl + z to remove the previous note after making a mistake, the current line will not move back to the previous note position.

For example if on line 0 and the step size is 4, when I press a key to enter a note, the current line will move to line 3. now when I press ctrl + z, the previous note will be deleted but the current line is still 3.

Is there a way to make ctrl + z also move back to the previous note location? (similar to the behavior of Deflemask or Sunvox)

One more question: when I type into the effects and volume column, the current line also get moved by the step size. I have to set step size to 0 and use the right arrow key to move the cursor right to properly enter effects/volume. Is there a way for Renoise to more the cursor to the right when entering volume or effects? (similar to the behavior Deflemask)