How to make every drumpad play a different vst in renoise

If I set up my drumpad to send a different midi channel per pad, should i be able to trigger up to 16 different vsti instrument instances in renoise without any trouble?

My Idea is to make a super pro FM drum synth with 8 instances of Chipsynth MD…so that I can tap a drumpad, tweak the patch in instrument 1’s chipsynth MD, play another pad, tweak the patch in instrument 2’s chipsynth md instance, and so on.

Is there any problem with this setup? I just set each instance to recieve a different midi channel, and set the pads up to send a different midi channel per pad?

Chipsynth MD will be excellent for the bugged out FM synth drums. Good way to build some original, tonal drumkits. Finally, after sound design is done, sampling each drum sound and setting up the samples as a drumkit as usual with renoise fx chains and modulation sets per sample…with the new excellent drum envelopes

I think its possible without problem, you only need to remember that by default your midi device is sending midi notes to currently selected instrument, so you would need probably:

  • remove device from midi master keyboard in preferences /midi
  • select correct midi device and channel on midi tab of instruments
    You don’t need even to setup different channels, you would need only define start and end note of every channel

Thanks, I will try this.

Defining start and end note range, reducing it to just one note…like a keyboard split.
I think I get it now thanks.

This should be awesome.