How To Make Glitch Beats?

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but i’ve got a mac…

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thats the stuff im jealous of mac-users.

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godd@#$%^^& freaking!!


wow thanx!
Downloaded and in use

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Dude, you’re the LAST person that should EVER feel lazy about using your own bloody glitch plugin! epic facepalm

With the amount of time, effort, and genius you put into developing it, you could release an entire album of songs using the default settings and I don’t think anyone would hold it against you ;)

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but i’ve got a mac.

Im Getting Bored
Im Getting Bored
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Oke… you win.

I updated my signature :unsure:

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Old thread but I like what sunjammer said …I just use a shitbox pentium 1 gig with 1 gig of ram, i found in the trash, program some beats,overload with different fx ,modulation,and randomization , plug it into my mixer and record it…if its too much ill take away some fx here and there…and viola glitch…works good for quake 1 too! lol