How To Make Glitch Beats?

Can anyone give me some helpful advice on how to make glitch beats, roughly in the style of efterklang or múm, if you know them?

Maybe it’s some vst, but I can’t use them, because I’m running renoise on mac…
By the way, where can I find VSTs or AUs that run on mac?

Yaah… I think glitchy stuff has alot of gated sounds. U can record everyday sounds , stick them in a editing program or something and just mess with them. Apply effects and stuff… Automated filters… U know… Beeps and blipss! Gated breakbeats are used also.

and how do you do that? :o

LPB = 16
TPL = 16

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  1. dblue Glitch
  2. Sugar Bytes Effectrix
  3. Image-Line Gross Beat

those can help

Automation on distortion, turning effects on and off and combining them to create alternating sounds, FX00/FX01 (X relating to the number of the effect in the DSP chain)
You’ve got to find sounds you like, ways of doing certain things, and think about the timbre(the sound) you want to create…lengthening sounds with a delay or reverb(with the dry turned down)then turning it off…simple ickle ideas.
For bleeps, i generally just put a high pitched square wave in between sounds.
Cutting the dynamics up with the 04XX is a good fully controllable way to gate, although you wont be able to set the value of the attack…
you could just ignore this, and download a glitch sample bank, but that’s fuckked up…cheating.

That’s the thing isn’t it. Short of making “real” glitch music like Oval, as in fucking up the recorded media itself physically, it’s all just a bunch of hard work really. Boring.

but I already said I use mac; hence these plugins won’t work

can anyone tell me where I can find some good plugins for mac?

There are so many sounds u can use… Just look around u… water into a cup //record hitting glass with a spoon or any cutlery //record its endless… :P

Top chef’s don’t use prego :lol:

Recommending dblue to someone who wants to learn how to make glitch is like doing your kid’s homework for them. They’ll get an A but they’ll learn nothing.

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That goes along with Effectrix. That and you can more or less hear those plugins, they stick out like a sore thumb (especially when used wrong or using the original preset).

Just open any sample editor and chop things up yourself. Yes, it’s time consuming, but in the end you’ll thank yourself.

Remember, good cooks put a lot of effort (TLC) into making their food, you can taste it in the end…

sugarbytes effectrix is for also for mac…

but these vst’s are a little bit cheating too.

No they won’t. Parents don’t know jack shit about how to do schoolwork.

That said, if you want to make glitch, listen to my advice above. And to that I will add: Manually chop and loop waveforms. Learn your pattern effects… ALL OF THEM. The best glitch in the world can be made in Renoise with just samples and pattern effects.

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If you do happen to use my Glitch plug-in, don’t feel so bad about, but please at least change the settings and be creative with it. :) Nobody needs to hear another track using the default settings, haha.

Personally, I don’t even use Glitch in my own music… not in the typical way, at least. What I usually do is put it on some really extreme settings, then I play parts of my track through it and render several minutes to WAV. Then, I cut out all the little interesting bits, the percussive hits, the strange stabs, little glitchy rhythms that have magically appeared, etc., and I resequence those samples in Renoise. It’s a handy time-saver when used in this way, and I don’t feel guilty or lazy for using it because I’m actually putting a lot of work into creating new patterns from the sounds.

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actually i mostly do guitar and piano music, so what i like about these glitch beats is that they are pretty much in the background, but still sound different and interesting

But using the plugs (mentioned above) allow the sound to be all the way different!!! (apart from “preglitched”)!!! For example using dblue’s Glitch - you can not only swap patterns but also you can change per-effect params in every pattern. And all these things can be done realtime!!! That’s the true glitching! :)

but I can’t use it cause I’m on mac…

effectrix is the same as dblue glitch… You can use that on mac…