How To Make Mixer Presets?

Hi Renoisers,

Is there a way to save a default setting for the mixer? I’d love to have my mixer set up so that every time I create a new track, it makes a new track at the correct volume setting with whichever plugins I want on it as a default. Is this possible???

check song setting tab, save template song

Yeah, that didn’t work. Every time I add a new track, the new one defaults to 0db on the mixer, no plugins. How to make mixer defaults, anyone?

Ahh you mean Track rather than Song (Default Song is so each time you start a new project you can have tracks with names and DSP chains that you are likely to use, even samples and VSTi preloaded etc.)

What you want it to use Duplicate Track (Ctrl + D) rather than Insert Track (Ctrl + T).

Of course :)

Silly me! Thanks, that solves it