How To Make My Kicks Louder/More Gabbery Without Distortion2?

Since birth I’ve been using distortion 2 to get my kicks louder/gabbery. Am I doing it wrong? Is there another way? I just don’t like doing the same thing with each of my tracks because it starts to sound the same.

you can try different distortions, but you can also try splitting the kick drum onto an aux send and/or adding EQ into the mix. there is a good thread on this if you do a search, sunjammer had a nice example if i remember correctly. the thing to realise with something like this, is that you don’t want to equally distort all of the frequencies, because if you do that, you lose the effectiveness of the bass and it can just sound messy, muddy and not so efficient. a trick you can try is to cut the bass before adding distortion and adding it back in afterwards, you may be able to get results you prefer. you can also try adding filters and EQs and other effects like chorus or flanger at different points during the chain, or on specific bands of frequencies which you split of with an aux/send track, see what works or sounds good to you; but typically you may find it works better to have the mid-higher frequencies having more effects and the bass cleaner to keep its impact. of course, renoise distortion has several particular types of distortion and you can get hold of some VSTs which may have different or additional ways to process the sound in-built, but you can get some very good sounding gabba kicks using only renoise effects. you can also try different kick drums as a starting point. its practice and using your ears, i’m no expert but these principles may be useful hopefully.

Don’t make the basedrums louder, make the other stuff more quiet. ;)

You can achieve a lot with a filter before and after the distortion 2 to make different gabba sounds.

Try to use a scream filter or cabinet simulator, instead of a distortion. Or both, or any combination for that matter. Putting them before a filter gives interesting results. There are a kazillion ways to make kicks gabbery, as there are a kazillion ways to distort something. Gotta try them all!

Yeah, multiband processing is the sh*t !

The idea is to separate low / med / hi freqs by sending the kick onto 3 send tracks, then add an EQ to each send track, respectively with a LP, BP, HP.
Then… add a bunch of effects on mid and hi (lofi mat, distortion2, a tube amplifier, a slight flanger, etc) and have fun !

Then… render selection to sample

And… Optionnaly process the newly generated sample the same way… Till it bleeds =)

I understand, but could you rephrase it a little bit? Like what effects to put?

use hard limiting
i dont think renoise has it unfortunately, or maybe it does?
if you zoom in to a sample of the kik its usualy a tiny little spike at the start of the sound thats bringing the whole thing down
chop it off and boost the volume to normal
if you do something like this already, turn everything else down like someone else said
or hard limit it too f**k and boost

Lofimat is your friend

layer your bassdrums.