How To Make Reese Bass In Renoise

I’m not a master in drum n bass production but I know that you have to make at least 2 sawtooth synths with the other detuned but I’m little lost when working in renoise environment.

Can someone write me a reese bass recipe to be used in renoise. I’m not sure if i should use one or two tracks and the detuning is a mystery.

I checked another reese bass thread but it didn’t answer my question.

thnx. :)

How to make a reese bass

He obviously knows how to make a reese… his issue is with playing 2 waveforms at the same time with one slightly detuned. Good you read his post though.

totroX: best way to do this without using a synth is to create two instruments with the same saw wave sample, and use the “finetuning” parameter under the “instrument settings” tab at the bottom of the Renoise window to detune one of them. They can then be played in two separate note columns at the same time+note in the same track.

Ah yes, in Renoise. So all those ‘how to’ video’s on vsti synths he could load into Renoise don’t apply…

How to make a reese bass in Renoise

Damn I wanted to use that “LMGTF” comment :P
You beat me to it!

Here’s an old thread discussing several ideas about reese basslines. Enjoy.

Thanks fellas, I think I’m getting the hang of it <_<