How to make Renoise a zillion times cooler to use.

Make. Renoise. Support. Anaglyph. 3D.

I think it’d be very cool to have the notes in the editor come all the way out to the front for example.
Ffffuuuuuuutttuuurreeeeeee :ph34r:/>

I had to buy these glasses week ago in local cinema so i need this function! :dribble:

eyes see 2 octaves of light, ears hear 10 octaves of sound.

Ears win!

I think the closest you’ll get is something like AudioGL.

Last I checked that project seemed to be completely dead. I bought it, and I think the updates just completely stopped as soon as I bought it.

that project is not dead at all, its just completely done :P

Yea I bought it too, and the updates are still coming but extremely slow. It’s a one man operation and he’s been having trouble getting the mac version finished, hopefully after that new features will come.

Frankly, i already can do this on my Samsung LED TV which supports 3D conversion of 2d images.
But, my laptop has no HDMI output and i am not willing to toss my monstrous PC tower all the way down to my livingroom to test it.

Currently the Mac edition has all the priority now. The last message i read from him (March 1st this year) regarding the delay he announced being intensively working to wrap up the OSX port:
So hopefully somewhere April/May there may be an OSX port (it is done if you continue to read page 2, but currently in an alpha testing), most likely not a new Windows version.
It pretty much sucks if a project doesn’t cover the bills long enough to keep doing releases frequently but that is just a thing with a one-man project every user shall have to tolerate.