how to make sample automatically timestretch to bpm

I would like to use drum samples, for example a 4 bar pattern.

the sample was recorded at 105

I want to play it a 95 (my song tempo)

I know how to adjust to the tempo using timestretch tool, but what I would like is to set it so that if I change the tempo to 95 (it’s an example), the pattern sample will automatically follow and adjust to the good bpm.


It can’t be made to work that way, and there is actually a good reason for it. The timestretch tool changes the sample directly. If you stretch and shrink the same sample, you lose quality. If you’re timestretching you really want to only stretch it once from the original sample. Other DAWs with built in timestretch probably (I assume) just restretch the original sample, but in Renoise there’s nowhere for it to store the original sample for it to reach back to automatically.

You can, however, click the bpm sync button in the sampler, and it will automatically repitch the sample to conform to bpm adjustments. So if your loop is just drums that might work for you.

Ths Magic “sync” button !!! couldn’t find it …and finally got it… In “sample properties”, formally it’s “beatsync” and not “sync” :wink:

It’s exactly what I was looking for, it’s absolutely perfect for drum samples.