How to make the detached instrument editor window stay in front

I dunno if this is a renoise related question or a mac issue, but i have no idea how to make the instrument editor window (when i detach it), to stay in front of the ui and not be covered by the pattern editor when i select that. I want to be able to type in info, press play and see the effect on the sampler for example, without having to open it again or bring it in front. If that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

dunno if this is a renoise related question or a mac issue

Could be a Mac issue, I guess.

Works just fine here on Windows 10.

The popped-out instrument window remains in front at all times, in both windowed and fullscreen modes.

Maybe try switching to fullscreen to see if this changes anything?

Thanks, tried that, same thing in windowed and fullscreen. Oh well, it isn’t a major issue. I’ll post the solution here if i find it, maybe some other mac user would find it useful.

A quick search seems to suggest that the “always on top” window behaviour found in Windows and elsewhere is apparently not a standard feature of MacOS to begin with?

There seem to be some apps such as “Afloat” which can provide similar behaviour, but I personally have no idea how stable or reliable they might be.

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