How to make the transition from Mac to Windows 10?

So I´ve recently built a music production PC, but as I had a Mac before that, I used a lot of Audio Unitplugins. Now theplugins inmy project filesaren´t detected by Renoise, even if their VSTversion is installed.
What can I do about th​is? Do I have to save all the patches on my Mac to thenreopen them on my PC? Is there a way to fool Renoise into thinking those VSTs are AUs?

Did you tell Renoise where your VST plugins live?

Many VST presets are unfortunately often saved in a platform-specific format. I’ve struggled with this too.

Insane amount of work, but most of the time it should be possible to export the preset somehow from the plugin, save it from OSX and load into the Win version.

Bonus being, you get a nice library of presets that you are actually using.