How to make this cheese sound?: Daft Punk: Something About Us

Hey everyone,
I was wondering, and the answer will be probably rather simple, how did Daft Punk make these wah-wah sounds for both the effect-vocal in the beginning and the other wah-wah-instrument coming in very soon after it, which keeps repeating (along with the wah-vocal-effect) until the first verse? Do you have any suggestions on how to recreate them best?

now, the track is damn hard to find on youtube, if everybody had VKontakte it’d be easier, but I hope you can find some ways to figure out what track I mean, sorry 'bout that.

Judging from the sound, my best guess would be this combination:

+ +

Sounds like it’s an electric guitar played through a talkbox (you can hear some “mouthness” in the sound, doncha think?) on a very light gain and then the audio is ran through Ensoniq DP/4’s phaser effect (I recall this is what Daft Punk used a lot in their early music) among other processing. But like I said, this is just my best guess. If you’d like to try this with plugins, well… good luck I guess! For phaser I’d suggest SupaPhaser, for the talkbox effect… well, haven’t found anything decent for free (and for some pervertive reason I kinda like mda’s talkbox) but as for the guitar and the “mouthness” you’ll need to get yourself a real guitar and some way to record your own voice.

As for the wah-wah… well, wah-wah. It’s mostly messing around with a band pass filter.


Also, I could find several versions of the song on youtube and it’s also on Spotify and several other streams so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a listen.

Well yeah, since I live in Germany, I assume that my search-results are different than most others sadly.
Hmm, I never thought of a guitar being played through a talkbox - it makes sense now, but damn.
I currently use KeroVee, its very nice and comfortable to play around with, especially because its for free.
Alright, I thought that it would be a wah-wah-effect, but I wasnt sure if it was a guitar, as stupid as it might sound.
So yeah, I’ll definitely fiddle-around with those things, thanks a lot! :)