How To Make "walkie Talkie" Like Sound ?

Hi, there.

I just trying to make a Intro with a “Walkie Talkie”- Like Samples.

It should sound like those scenes in a ‘Hollywood Blockbuster’ with all the ‘crackle’ and dirty voices u hear there.

Also would be great if u can reproduce this “thing” when the Walkie Talkies are stopping the transmission (<- dont know how to explain excatcly) like when u hit the button on the walkie instead if you stopped talking.

If you know what i mean, and how to make in Renoise drop me a line.

Thanks in forward folks.


i tried this and it sounds pretty like walkie talkie:
one effect chain:

filter2 -> LP -48db -> cutoff 13.769kHz
filter2 -> HP -24db -> cutoff 6.569kHz -> Reso/Q 50 %
LofiMat -> Bitcrunch 16 bit -> Quality 44 % -> Noise 60 %
Distortion -> Amp -> Drive 52.5 % -> FilterFreq 40 % -> Filter checked

of course you can play around with this settings

in fact you just have to cutoff the low & hi end frequencies & distort the voice a lot. :) for the dirtness the lofimat

for the “end of transmition” crackle you could sample one out of a movie and play it where necessary.

hope it helps.

Or maybe some white noise through the effect chain?

Grab the excellent (and free) MDA VST effect pack:

Load the MDA:Combo effect into your DSP Chain in Renoise.
Set the Model parameter to “Radio”.
Increase the Drive parameter a little bit to give it a bit of fuzzy distortion.

Play your samples through this effect, with tiny bits of white noise (or other noise) before and after the voices to simulate the transmission button clicks.

Here’s a silly little example:

You can obviously fine-tune things a bit more, perhaps with some eq’ing and some extra noise layered on top to simulate radio distortion.

Why not try to real thing? Get a real walkie talkie and you just record it. Mike Patton does that a lot for his vocals, and he uses all sorts of other weird mics like CB radios, megaphones… all sound nuts.

An easier way to do this so you get effect in real-time is use a cheap mic plugged into a guitar amp. Boost the distortion and ‘presence’ and you’ll get a lovely wild sound. Turn it up and move closer and you get yummy feedback too.

That ‘thing’ ypu refer to is probably a DC click. You can easily record one of these and add it to the samples. If your recording lead that plugs into your soundcard is connected to a bit of cheap audio gear then you can turn that gear off or on and you should get a ugly click.

When discussing megaphones, here’s a nice tip how to create the sound of an old 20’s recordplayer:

Use a lightweighted plastic bag and rubb it around the back of the megaphone and now add any other sound to it (or just sing your own song). You will get this authentic 20’s sound without needing any record-needle.


Either that, or get Isotope’s Vinyl - free.